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The real moment of life



"For the survivors of life from the beginning to the end, the world is a contest platform"

And so accepting the real truths of life, people need time to change a lot. It seems to be changing rather than changing, but it sounds like it is not too bad, but it seems. Time has changed man. Everything is changing, his dreams are changing everything. Somebody's asking is higher than the height, and some people are dying to be small. What is the change in time with dreams seen? Dreams are unlimited People live in dreams only. People need to live in dreams to dream. But dream seems to change with time! Age, the traditional position will make your dreams alter. Living in the city where people are living hard to dream there is a little luxury? Dreams will keep me alive, dreaming to be dreaming ... people's expectations are unlimited, unlimited, to meet their expectations. Expectations, needs and desires are constantly changing, and so are constantly changing, you, we all are ....


Do not wait for time to do

The world was as it was, the people changing the mind, the people's needs, and the change of human beings let me down in the maze. I feel like I came to where I came. The night is coming, the day is coming. Again, the same scene, there is no change. Just change, I, we, are ours. But what is untouched, there is no change in the night and day of the world? ---


When we find the reason for our change we blame the money

There is no fault in the money, the fault is ours. We make those money. We are suffering from racially untoward diseases. How easy it is to unite true facts in unity, spread a lie to one's own truth and to the next. In this era of bureaucratic times, the amount of self-disbursement of money and now thousands of rupees have been reached. --

When someone went in the middle of the street and started smoking a cigarette

I saw an eye for a few seconds, the rush of people around. I think every person is quick to get rid of their own interests. Nobody is for others. When people change their minds into bad games, why do people change their minds instead of changing day-to-day matches? ---


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